Sunday, May 17, 2009


OKay! I am totally stoked! tomorrow for school since i am in journalism i get to go the lava hot springs with everyone else in the honor society and journalism...and just for doing it i got a new swimming suit from target which i think is wayy cute! Its brown and a tankini! Im so excited and also a couple weeks ago i got my hair cut! And also since i love softball so much i am doing it this summer with my friends! yay! I am so excited for this summer! even though it is going by so fast i cant wait for it to end!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lazy bum

Okay, so i really feel like this summer i am going to be the biggest bum in the world. All i do is sleep, eat and watch movies. That is not a good way to spend a summer even though i do it every year and it seems to be working. Although i would like to spend my summer a little bit more productive. i dont want to be a lazy bum anymore so that is why i have been thinking about doing sports...lots of them and getting more active. I didnt know someone could be so out of shape like me. I didnt know it was possible but since i have done it then i know it must be true. Darn! This is terrible. mmmmmm Scrambled eggs sound so good right now! Toodles!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

what backround?

Ok so i want to keep changing my backround because they are all so darn cute! I can't make up my mind, i could be changing my backround so often you wont even notice because you will be so used to me changing it...i like to look at other peoples backround because they are all just so adorable! :] i like pink and brown because they are really cute bright colors! and i have this obsession for bees now! they are so cute even if they do hurt and are scary...but polka dots are wayy cute to! oh darn it! this is very hard!