Saturday, September 26, 2009


Well i have been wanting a digital camera for quite some time, well mostly a decent one. My old pink one was quite cheap, and well at the time i think i was quite anxious to at least get something that could do any pictures at all! But now i have relized that it is quite crummy.. Basically the only thing it is good for is downloading pictures from other memory cards. Also it doesnt have a flash..quite dark and blurry pictures at that. But now i want a new one that can last me a while and takes good pictures as well as in the dark. I preferably want a skinny camera, if so red. I dont quite mind the color as much as the quality. But i just saw this one. I like the color and i love how it is skinny. But it looks like it doesnt have very many controls on the back. So i would like a better one. I think that if i save my money for about 5 months MAYBE i could get the cord to download the pictures with. Life is difficult! Or am i just making it that way? (:

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Horseback riding for 7 HOURS!!

Alright so for mutual last night we went horseback riding up by island park so about an hour away from where i am. Well i didnt want to go because i thought that it was going to be boring because we were just supposed to walk on the horses trail and not actually riding. Also we were gonna be gone for so long! But my mom made me. So we went up there. --It was an alright driving experience but kinda boring.-- so they put me on a horse. Alright this is cool. We get out of the stable or whatever you call the place where horses are. We start going down a path. Well if my horse and i fell behind he would TROT!!! im so sore! But anyway. Well he kept going all over the place. He was trying to pass everyone. Then when we were going through this little pond thing he would stop and drink! I kicked him and pulled on him and everything! Gosh this horse is stubborn. So then he started neighing and we finaly got through. But at random moments it would just stop! And i would kick and kick! but on the wayy back i switched with someone who wanted to trot. Well it was better. I dont think i will ride a horse for a while! (:

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My perm pictures!

Here are some of my perm pictures. They are a little bit dark. But there is a view from front, back, and side. (:

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A little bit of everything!

*Alright, First i would like to say that Jenny Green's Sante Fe' Chicken Sandwhiches were GREAT, GREAT, GREAT, GREAT,GREAT! Fantastic job! I loved them so much...I had the chicken with some bread and butter. Mmm Mmm GOOD!! They weren't very spicy. They were perfect! I think that they are my favorite food now. (: Thanks Jenny again!!

School has started a couple weeks back and i still am not used to it! I dont really like it all that much. I also dont like getting up early. I love love love sleeping in and wish i could do it alot more often. I get so much homework from ONE class. I think that she's a crazy lady! But she's really nice.

My relatives are in town right now and are staying with us for one more day. They were here about on Monday. It has been lots of fun having them here. Although school is in the way so i dont really get to see them until AFTER school. Good luck with school Analisa! *have a happy first day! :]* My aunt Peggy, my uncle Lee, my cousin Collin, and my wonderful cousin Analisa! It's been great seeing you guys! I will be sad when you leave, and I will miss you guys! (: Although the bright side is that Analisa is going to college up here so we can see her more. Exciting!!
Halloween is coming up and i dont know what to do!! Ahh! I need some ideas. Comment some ideas or email them to me! It would be much appreciated. Also, I cant wait to go to Illinois in December!! I cant wait to see you Erin and family! It'll be great to see how big the kids have grown.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

My favorite month and season (:

I have put a lot of thought into this and i think that October is possibly my favorite month! It's very much fun and lots of memories into it. I just love how Conference is at the beginning --which also in this October i get my dream of going to the conference center! I am way excited to go!-- and also i love how everything is kinda a "spooky" if that's how you would put it. Uhh i love how everyone get's dressed up for halloween and all the fun parties. I love October all around! It's just a warm and fun month to be in. My favorite season is Autumn because i love how's its the perfect temperature. It's also soup and bread season. --soup isnt my absolute favorite but i will eat it. I love chilli so much!-- It's jeans and jean jacket season. Leaves are the best. I love love love going to utah in Autumn. I love it just because it's just great all around. I love how sometimes it's windy and rainy and how the electricity goes out. And even though sometimes i dont like it but i do like going to go pick potatoes with my family in the fields. It's cool --coldish-- and it's a fun experience that im grateful for! I love it! Autumn is definatly the best! Dont get me wrong winter, summer and spring are great to but there's just something about Autumn that makes it special to me. And most important it's coming up! (: