Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Horseback riding for 7 HOURS!!

Alright so for mutual last night we went horseback riding up by island park so about an hour away from where i am. Well i didnt want to go because i thought that it was going to be boring because we were just supposed to walk on the horses trail and not actually riding. Also we were gonna be gone for so long! But my mom made me. So we went up there. --It was an alright driving experience but kinda boring.-- so they put me on a horse. Alright this is cool. We get out of the stable or whatever you call the place where horses are. We start going down a path. Well if my horse and i fell behind he would TROT!!! im so sore! But anyway. Well he kept going all over the place. He was trying to pass everyone. Then when we were going through this little pond thing he would stop and drink! I kicked him and pulled on him and everything! Gosh this horse is stubborn. So then he started neighing and we finaly got through. But at random moments it would just stop! And i would kick and kick! but on the wayy back i switched with someone who wanted to trot. Well it was better. I dont think i will ride a horse for a while! (:

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