Saturday, September 26, 2009


Well i have been wanting a digital camera for quite some time, well mostly a decent one. My old pink one was quite cheap, and well at the time i think i was quite anxious to at least get something that could do any pictures at all! But now i have relized that it is quite crummy.. Basically the only thing it is good for is downloading pictures from other memory cards. Also it doesnt have a flash..quite dark and blurry pictures at that. But now i want a new one that can last me a while and takes good pictures as well as in the dark. I preferably want a skinny camera, if so red. I dont quite mind the color as much as the quality. But i just saw this one. I like the color and i love how it is skinny. But it looks like it doesnt have very many controls on the back. So i would like a better one. I think that if i save my money for about 5 months MAYBE i could get the cord to download the pictures with. Life is difficult! Or am i just making it that way? (:


  1. ha, five months to get the cord...that was funny. maybe a few more years will get it for you. :)

  2. Someone willing to save for what she wants--yay!