Saturday, September 5, 2009

My favorite month and season (:

I have put a lot of thought into this and i think that October is possibly my favorite month! It's very much fun and lots of memories into it. I just love how Conference is at the beginning --which also in this October i get my dream of going to the conference center! I am way excited to go!-- and also i love how everything is kinda a "spooky" if that's how you would put it. Uhh i love how everyone get's dressed up for halloween and all the fun parties. I love October all around! It's just a warm and fun month to be in. My favorite season is Autumn because i love how's its the perfect temperature. It's also soup and bread season. --soup isnt my absolute favorite but i will eat it. I love chilli so much!-- It's jeans and jean jacket season. Leaves are the best. I love love love going to utah in Autumn. I love it just because it's just great all around. I love how sometimes it's windy and rainy and how the electricity goes out. And even though sometimes i dont like it but i do like going to go pick potatoes with my family in the fields. It's cool --coldish-- and it's a fun experience that im grateful for! I love it! Autumn is definatly the best! Dont get me wrong winter, summer and spring are great to but there's just something about Autumn that makes it special to me. And most important it's coming up! (:


  1. autumn inspires me. :) time for jackets, new school supplies, canning fruit, harvesting garden stuff, cool nights, halloween and great fall's great fall decor, warm cookies, my anniversary...yep, autumn is the season for me.

  2. I'm with you. I love autumn time. It's my favorite time of year...jeans...sweatshirts...cookies. mmmm I love this time of year!