Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A little bit of everything!

*Alright, First i would like to say that Jenny Green's Sante Fe' Chicken Sandwhiches were GREAT, GREAT, GREAT, GREAT,GREAT! Fantastic job! I loved them so much...I had the chicken with some bread and butter. Mmm Mmm GOOD!! They weren't very spicy. They were perfect! I think that they are my favorite food now. (: Thanks Jenny again!!

School has started a couple weeks back and i still am not used to it! I dont really like it all that much. I also dont like getting up early. I love love love sleeping in and wish i could do it alot more often. I get so much homework from ONE class. I think that she's a crazy lady! But she's really nice.

My relatives are in town right now and are staying with us for one more day. They were here about on Monday. It has been lots of fun having them here. Although school is in the way so i dont really get to see them until AFTER school. Good luck with school Analisa! *have a happy first day! :]* My aunt Peggy, my uncle Lee, my cousin Collin, and my wonderful cousin Analisa! It's been great seeing you guys! I will be sad when you leave, and I will miss you guys! (: Although the bright side is that Analisa is going to college up here so we can see her more. Exciting!!
Halloween is coming up and i dont know what to do!! Ahh! I need some ideas. Comment some ideas or email them to me! It would be much appreciated. Also, I cant wait to go to Illinois in December!! I cant wait to see you Erin and family! It'll be great to see how big the kids have grown.

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  1. What you should dress as for Halloween, you mean? A fairy...Dorothy....a pirate would be super fun!! Greta is going to be a bumblebee and I'm not sure yet what Lisie will be. She was going to wear Greta's old cat costume but I think it'll be too big for her so I'm not sure.