Sunday, July 26, 2009

Please...and thankyou!

Since i am starting a big fat recipe book--as i said before--i would like people to not give me recipes in comments, if you have a great recipe that you love! than send it to my email. i would appreciate it very much. But i would like to say that i have tried many different interesting recipes i have heard from different places and they are very good. :]] i cant wait to try them all. On jenny greens blog she has told ways to save money (although im not really on my own yet i have great ideas for when im married or even for college Thanks Jenny! (: ) Even if she doesnt relize that she is helping me i do sincerely appreciate it so much! As i was saying she gives tips on what she does to save money on food and such she has some awsome recipes. She has tortillas and granola bars, as well as some sante fe' chicken sandwiches. I have tried the torillas and they are quite delicious! And i tried the granola bars and they taste almost exactly like cookies. Both of them are sooo good. the sante fe' chicken sandwiches i have not yet tried, but i hope to try soon. You guys might not relize but once you put down a little recipe name i quickly look it up on google to find the recipe and stick it in my FIRST recipe book. It has gotten quite large. Most of the blogs and people i communicate on here with are great influences on me and i look up to you guys. I want to be just like you guys because you have chosen the right and done amazing stuff and still been rightous! i so much appreciate it! Thankyou all. :]]
-- please write me recipes!


  1. you've got me hooked since you mentioned my name. Hellooo! So, what kinds of foods do you like? I'll keep you in mind if there is stuff that I really like that you may like too. Have you tried my enchilada soup yet? That's been a huge hit everytime I've made it too. That's an easy one for company...they love it and Marcus loves the leftovers to take to work for lunch! We all win!:)

  2. I like lots of foods. But i just dont like hamburger at all! Im not a big meat lover but i quite like chicken more than most meats. I like lots of pastas...or i do like steak and bread. I love bread! Thanks i hope you do keep me posted! I have not tried your enchilada soup yet but i would love to! Send it to my email. I hope to get lots of recipes there. So please do send it to me. (: