Wednesday, August 5, 2009

~cake decorating~

Alright so im not really that good at doing cakes at all. I always get the cakes broken and bleh...But i went to mutual last night and we learned about cake decorating, and we did fondant on our cakes. Although it was already made. i learned how to make roses from fondant, and so then i decided maybe i would make a cake today. So i made the marshmallow fondant --sticky icky and bleh-- my hands are so gross from it. But last night when i did the fondant i had a chocolate cake and white fondant on it and then a white rose on top with a pink icing around the cake. (pictures to come) when i made it this morning the cakes turned out alright until i got the bigger one out of the pan.

It had ripped and was all weird shaped. So i had a little-er one and so i tried with that.. By the way the fondant did turn out *fabulous* by the end.. So i got it into shape and splatted it on the cake! i missed by at least an inch. So i cut it to make it even and the frosting that i frosted it --there was WAYY to much-- and it blurted out of the bottom. Dang! Well here are pictures of me kneading the fondant and the cakes. I would post how the cake turned out except that im embarrassed! [: well better luck next time!


  1. no no!!! please post finished cake photos!!! i want to see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or at least email them to me. love your new background by the by.

  2. I felt really good by seeing these decorating points, It will be best if you post finished cake photos!!!

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