Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Boston Tea Party

So i have been learning about the Boston Tea Party in history. And oddly enough i LOVE it! I actually think that the Boston Tea Party is my favorite piece of history. It's quite interesting as well as helpful. I actually have a test on it tomorrow and for any questions asking about it i will know them because i want to learn more and more about this great piece of history. It's amazing knowing what the people did. I just wish i could have been alive back then to do it with the patriots. I usually just write down what she puts on the projector and take notes. and then just study from those later but the Boston Tea Party i listened to and asked questions and paid attention. I love this history. What's your favorite piece of history? (:

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  1. I really enjoy the revolutionary period as well...And I LOVE church history/pioneer stuff. Medieval is great too.