Friday, March 19, 2010

Track season!

I am doing Track in my school this year. It's a lot of fun. We do our warmup excerises which are --5 minute jog, sprints, tippy toes, heels, sides of your feet, and monster walks across the gym, then stretches and crunches, push-ups, and just usual stuff like that-- then we either do a 2 1/2 mile jog or sprints for 25 minutes. We have done stair laps too for about 30 minutes. Its a bunch of fun! And it will really get me in shape. We have our first track meet in i think 1 1/2 weeks. Although its super fun i am super sore. But this will be a great experience.


  1. Rachel, this doesn't surprise me too much. I've long thought that you would probably be one of the only other members of the family to really get involved in athletics. You've done a season of softball and now track. Enjoy it, sports are fun! I bet you will be able to run a faster mile than I can by the time your season is over.