Monday, April 19, 2010

Lagoon baby!

So next Saturday May 1st my choir group is going to go to Utah and perform at a festival! Its very exciting. We are going to leave the school around maybe 4:30 or 5:00 in the morning and head for Utah. Then we are going to go to the festival which im not quite sure the time. But then on top of that we are going to go to lagoon for the rest of the day. It will be a very fun and exciting time! And i cant wait.(:

Track is going very well. Im really happy i am doing it. I have been pushing myself very hard and then getting in better shape. I hope that soon i will be able to hold up a steady pace without huffing and puffing. It's super fun. We had our first track meet last thursday which was a great time. I love my school!(: Also we have another track meet this Thursday at our field in Thunder Stadium. It's great. I am doing the 100 and 200 sprints. We have a great team and everyone on it is so talented and great!

So this summer when it starts i will be going and being a CIT at Pine Basin hopefully. It's a great camp and i love the councilors and everyone else. They are so nice and talented. I love the schedule we are on. It's wonderful.(:

****School ends in 41 days but 29 school days****

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