Friday, June 4, 2010

Baked Goods!

Well to earn some money i would like to do something farely easy that i enjoy. Baking! And so i thought if i went around my neighborhood, to people i know preferrably, i could sell different treats. I thought that i sold 10 cookies, sugar or chocolate chip, for $2. And then i would sell 10 rice krispies or 10 brownies for $3. And then for 12 cinnamon rolls i would sell them for $5. I think it would be fun and i MIGHT earn a little money. I need some extra money for my camp thing this summer. And i cant think of any other way to earn money. Well besides working and if i work around my house i barely get any money at all. It would take quite a while to get a LITTLE stash. My mom suggested offering to weed peoples lawns/gardens and what not. I prefer not. If im gonna earn a little money i would prefer doing it a fun way. So what are your thoughts on this? Should i sell baked goods? Are the prices okay? Or should i offer to work for them? I just dont know right now.

1 comment:

  1. Weeding is a nice service. Why are you so oppposed?