Monday, March 30, 2009

david archuleta concert

Ok so i know this was about a week ago but i went to a david archuleta concert! it was so much fun! i love it! he is so amazing and adorable! me and my best of friends went up to pocatello and went to his concert in this big building...on the way up, we listened to music very loudly. we almost lost our voices completely because we were either screaming "WOO!" or "I LOVE YOU!". it was quite funny...when he said how are all of you doing he pointed to me and my friends and said i can see you girls! it was amazing. he sings so well in person. when the show was done he didnt come out to sign sadly :( even though we did bribe his band to try to get him out there just to sign our shirts they said no. we didnt get his autograph but we did get to see him and have him see us. we got to spend lots of time together! and then when we were driving away we almost drove into a big ditch because it was so dark...we stopped and got a dozen crispy creams and fell asleep on the wayy home..i was quite pleased with the trip! i hope i can do it again sometime soon... gotta go toodles! ~

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  1. yes, i'm definitely jealous of both the concert and the krispy kremes. he IS really cute.