Sunday, April 5, 2009

I want to grow up fast!

I'm trying to look so grownup with my leggings,
shorts, fuzzy slippers, big hoops, and bonneville t-shirt...
but im not quite sure it's working out so great.

I know i kinda look like im to tall for the ceiling but I
did this picture on a self timer on my desk and it was hard to
get it just right because it was running low on bateries.

So i know im only 13 (14 in december) but i really want to be like 18 right now! I want to go to college and get married and have kids and have my own house! Because honestly i'm really excited to clean up my house perfectly and make dinner and make breakfast for my husband...Jessica of course has also made me want this...and then of course there are those way cute chick flicks. But people have told me that i should want to be my age because it is going to go way faster than i think it will. I want to have fun in college-like go out to eat with all my girlfriends! And go shopping, and just have so much fun, and then get married at the temple. What i really want to do is when im like 22 and i have my first little child and my husband I really want to go camping with my WHOLE family (that means everyone including jacob, tyler, and daniels family) at Lava Hot Springs. But i dont think that will happen for a while. :( but lets hope it happens sometime!


  1. You are starting to look so much more like your mother than I ever imagined! As for the urls, if you go to Jessica's blog, you can find them all easily--Erin & Daniel, Scotty and Annie, Eric Russell . . .then click on them and get the url. It would be easier than going to my blog and trying to find them--I have way too many blogs listed!

  2. I tell ya could come be my live in nanny! You want kids to raise and house to clean?....I've got it all right here for ya...only minus the husband...sorry. :)