Sunday, June 14, 2009

Different assorted things! :]]

Well, Everyone has been asking me "Are you going anywhere fun for summer?" and i always say the same thing "Umm No but uhh we are going to Illinois for christmas!" And what do they say oh cool..And then change the subject. I dont see why i have to go anywhere to have fun. Although i am way excited for winter especially to see Daniel, Erin and the crew! I also get to see all my old friends and all that fun stuff! I think i will go to the mall and see what's going with their mall! Yay! This christmas is going to be lots of fun!

So every year for school i never have any money for school clothes so i usually get like 1 or 2 shirts from the store that my mom pays for. Well i have decided that i am going to save up and then spend it all at the same time! This summer has been very slow! I wish it would go straight to August so i could start school again! That would save alot of my time and it would be alot funner!

So I dont know if any of you know (all 3 of you) but i Love cooking! I think it is very enjoyable and just lots of fun! well i have started a cook book and i would like lots of recipes that are delicious! if any of you have any recipes please give me the recipe! I would appreciate
it much!

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  1. wait, weren't you just excited for summer? now you want school? hm....i'll give you some recipes. cookiing is a joy. especially if someone appreciates it.