Saturday, June 27, 2009

Silly and sad story at the same time!

Alright so I was at girls camp and well they have a LARGE slide...and it is amazingly fast and tall! It is just so amazing and i love it. But i was at camp and my friend wendy (she is going to be a senior this year so she is older so i am smaller than her not that she is fat of course!) asked if i wanted to go get a tissue with her so i said yes! And earlier that day me her and brianna had decided that we wanted to go down that slide at like 10 o'clock at night...but once we got the tissue i said "Hey! How bout we go down the slide now and then later to!" (brianna was not with us though.) She said "Sure!" so we headed over there and i told her that going backwards was so amazing! (what you do is someone is facing forward and you link arms with the person behind you because they are gonna go backwards so you are back to back..) She said no im scared and i was like its nothing! It is so fun and you will love it..after a couple of minutes of persuading i got her to do it..We headed down and she screamed. Well we were going WAY to fast! so i tried to stop but i couldnt stop both of us. (this is all my fault and not hers by the way) So when we were almost at the very bottom we flew off and my foot had flown forward in the position kinda like torwards my knee but you know what i mean. and we had both landed on it! OUCH!! i obviously could not move at Wendy checked after about 1 minute once we got down and my foot was already like swollen like a balloon and it was HUGE! So Wendy (the stronge girl she is, but like i said she isnt fat so she is small) had to carry me up 2 flights of stairs and carried me back to was even bigger!! i had to leave a couple days early. :( They thought it was just a sprain because it wasnt really bruised. But i went and got x-rays yesterday and well i apparently broke my ankle really badly! And i might have to get surgery. Or get a cast. But it is very sevier. Oh well..Hmmm? But im on crutches for basically the rest of the summer! I cant do anything.. ):

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  1. sad day! no swimming or water then, i guess? bummer.